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Support The Bill of Rights!
The aim of the Bill of Rights Campaign is to spread knowledge and understanding of creator's rights and to ensure that they are respected. We target photographic competitions that infringe the rights of entrants, both professional and amateur.

If you are a competition organiser you can become a supporter and reap the benefits from the positive image this presents to the photographic community.

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We host an active, informative, friendly and secure private forum for the discussion of all aspects of running a photographic business. Members share invaluable, real world advice 24/7.

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Pro Imaging campaigns on behalf of the members' interests and already has had a number of notable successes. We actively oppose Orphan Works legislation in the US, UK and Europe.

Paul Hartley, London-based jewellery photographer:

I love this list. The feedback I've had on and off list has been really helpful. Thanks everyone.