Membership is open to all professional image-makers earning at least 80% of their income from professional imaging. We vet every applicant and endeavour to ensure only bona fide, full time workers join who can demonstrate a professional level of competence. If in doubt over your eligibility please contact us.

Membership Rules

  1. List messages are private. Information posted by members must not be disclosed to non members without first obtaining the written authority of the author of that information.
  2. This is an unmoderated list. Members are expected to behave in a polite and considerate manner and to take full responsibility for everything they post.
  3. Keep your posts lean. Accurate subject lines; minimal quotes; minimal signatures; no disclaimers. Top posting is preferred.
  4. Ensure your posts identify you by your first and second name.
  5. Any member found to have engaged in professional misconduct or conduct that could bring Pro Imaging into disrepute will have their membership terminated.

Failure to observe these rules will result in your removal from Pro Imaging. You will not be re-admitted and refunds will not be made in this situation.

Completing the membership application form assumes your full acceptance of the above rules.

Not Sure About Joining PI?

Complete the application form and, if successful, you may have a 30-day free trial of the discussion forum. You will receive postings and be able to take an active part in the discussions. Once you’ve paid your annual subscription, you have a 60-day, full money back period if you wish to leave PI.

Membership runs annually from June 1st. If you join after 1st January, fees are reduced by 50%.

NOTE: Please DO NOT make any payments before your membership has been approved! You will be asked to make payment after you have been approved.

£42.00 Full Membership – includes gallery page

£15.00 Retired Membership – no gallery

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