Back in 2004, three professional image makers – Richard Kenward, Steve Climpson & Martin Orpen – launched a very different discussion list. It was different in that only full-time, professional photographers and selected professionals such as web designers, graphic designers, etc., would be able to join. We now have members in many countries.

Every applicant is checked for their full-time status and ability before being allowed to join. This is to keep the membership and the list discussions to a high standard. The idea being that, as professionals, we all have valuable experience and know-how to offer and by every member “pooling” their knowledge we would all be in a stronger position to succeed in an ever changing and demanding market place. That was sixteen years ago and that original concept has been very successful.

Our Discussion Forum is Unique

At the heart of PI is the discussion forum where any topic that has something to do with the running of a photographic business is discussed and valuable help is provided for the members 24/7.

What started out as a simple discussion list quickly developed well beyond this because we found ourselves in situations where we could make a real difference if we got involved, so we did!

Recent campaigns have involved Orphan Works and Copyright legislation. A long-running campaign we started in 2006 and continue to develop and nurture is the Artists Bill of Rights campaign. One of its aims is to reduce the number of poor photo competitions attempting to ‘collect’ photographers images for nothing or next to nothing. The Artists Bill of Rights contains much information on understanding and protecting of your creative rights.

Our campaigning has been good for all because we have been able to change attitudes and policies in the challenging  and ever-changing marketplace.

Our very modest annual membership fee funds the running of PI, which includes the promotion of our members and the all-important campaigns and future challenges. Because we do not take advertising or sponsorship, we are able to say exactly what needs saying to the industry movers and shakers.