Active promotion of members to potential clients through the members’ gallery

Each member will have their own gallery page showcasing their work and contact information.

A private and secure e-mail discussion list

We discuss every aspect and problem having to do with the running of a photography business in almost real time, 24/7. 

Members range from top flight internationally known photographers, to studio owners employing dozens of staff, right through to the sole, general practitioner.

We all share one thing in common: the desire to help each other in a friendly, relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

We are active!

Pro Imaging fights on behalf of the members’ interests and has already had a number of notable successes upholding artists’ rights.

Join this vibrant and successful group by going to our join section. Read the information and complete the registration form. We do check the standard of work of every applicant wishing to join Pro Imaging, however this should not present a problem for most competent professionals.

Pro Imaging is a not-for-profit organisation. All our income is spent in promoting members, running and developing Pro Imaging, fighting for the rights of members and running campaigns. We have no paid employees and the whole management team give their time for free.