Demon Lee

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Demon Lee picked up his first camera at the age of just 8yrs old. By the time he was 13yrs old he was developing and printing his own B&W prints in his parents bathroom and leaving school at 16 he began a 2yr apprenticeship working in a Professional Laboratory learning all aspects of Colour Development and Printing for Agfa and Kodak Processes.

After attending University and obtaining his B.Sc. Demon then spent 2yrs in a Studio starting as a 'go-for' before apprenticing with the Senior Photographer and at the age of 24 began his career in commercial photography selling images of foreign shores to travel companies as he began work in the IT Industry to fund his chosen career as a Photographer.

Despite the move to Digital Photography, Demon still shoots on 35mm & 6cm x 6cm Film if required or if the mood takes him as he feels the effect of Digital Photography is sometimes too 'perfect'.

Demon works predominately with TV & Film, Production Companies and producing Headshots for Artistes.

Contact Details:
Tel: 07545 214947