Matthew Barlow

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Matt Barlow is a great cook and photography lover who has been clever and lucky enough to make a profession out of his two greatest passions.

Born in Stoke on Trent, he spent 3 years down the mines digging coal – learning a great deal about the importance of comradeship, loyalty and hard work- before deciding to follow his passion studying Photography at Blackpool College.

The rest, as they say, is history…Matt’s been shooting food and still life in his studio and occasionally around the world collaborating with countless clients like Bayer, Boots, Vodafone, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Kellog’s, MdDonald’s and EasyJet.

As well as shooting on a commercial basis, Matt has been able to pursue his personal artistic photographic interests in several series that have been exhibited around the world and won awards (AOP Gallery, The International Polaroid Awards, The Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts, The Society for Contemporary Photography of Kansas City and Dublin’s Mad Gallery, among others).
Phone: +44(0)20 7697 8291