Membership is open to all professional image-makers earning at least 80% of their income from professional imaging and who demonstrate a high level of professional competence and creativity in the work displayed on their web site.

Pro Imaging is principally for photographers, but may include illustrators, fine artists, labs, manufacturer’s representatives and other related disciplines, if we believe it will benefit our members.

If in doubt over your eligibility please contact us.

Membership of Pro Imaging costs only £42 per year. Membership fees are used to fund our campaigns to support professional photography and educate the public on matters such as copyright.

Royalty Free Images
We firmly believe that the supply of Royalty Free images has a detrimental effect on the viability of our industry. If you actively pursue RF image sales you should be aware that the majority of our members are hostile to this practice.

The biography is an important resource for fellow members – we all like to know to whom we are speaking. This information will be available only to members and is password protected. If you do not have a web site you will be required to provide additional information to support your application. We vet every applicant’s work, and endeavour to ensure only bona fide full time workers join.

Membership Rules

  1. On no account will you pass on PI posts or web site material to a non member without first obtaining the written authority of the author of that material.
  2. You accept full legal responsibility for what you write as this is not a moderated list. What you write will appear within seconds!
  3. Members are expected to behave in a polite and considerate manner.
  4. Any member found to have engaged in professional misconduct or conduct that could bring PI into disrepute will have their membership terminated.
  5. Only include the bare minimum of the post you are replying to make reading quick and easy and remove the PI footer.
  6. Care needs to be taken when naming threads to make it easy for others to decide what interests them, and to make searching the archives possible.
  7. All postings to be in plain text and no attachments.
  8. Do not include disclaimers (unless imperative) and lengthy sign offs
  9. Ensure your posts identify you by your first and second name.

Any member not abiding by the letter or spirit of these rules may be removed without warning. Breaking rules 1 or 4 will result in your removal from Pro Imaging and you will not be re-admitted. Pro Imaging will not make any refunds whatsoever in this situation.

ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE FULLY READ AND ACCEPTED THIS & OTHER DOCUMENTS IN THE JOIN UP SECTION should you complete and submit the registration form to join Details in the form will appear as your biography in the member’s only area.

NOT SURE IF PRO IMAGING IS FOR YOU? Complete the application form and if successful you may have a 30 day free trial. This enables you to receive the postings and take an active part in the discussions, ask questions etc., but does not allow you access to the full member part of the web site. At the end of your try-before-buy period, you have a further seven days in which to pay your first year’s membership fee before being cut off. Once you have paid your annual subscription, you have a 60 day full money back period if you want to change your mind!

We respectfully ask you NOT to apply for membership if you are not really serious about joining and paying the very modest annual membership fee!

You are welcome to join at any time. Please be aware that the membership period runs from June 1st. however if you join after 1st January your membership fee will be reduced by 50%

£42.00 Full Membership – includes gallery page

£15.00 Retired Membership – no gallery

NOTE: Please DO NOT make any payments before your membership has been approved!

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